Well protected
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The new body armor (KSA) was developed because the old equipment was outdated and lacked ballistic protection. The focus was on the needs of the group officers who wear the KSA in the riot police.
In light of increasing violence against police officers in North Rhine-Westphalia, four police authorities have been testing an additional operational tool in a pilot trial since January 2021. The practical suitability of the distance electro impulse device (DEIG, colloquially known as Taser) is bei...
From fall 2018, the first police officers in NRW will receive a ballistic helmet. It weighs 3.3 kilograms and offers a very high level of protection. The new helmet stands for maximum safety - combined with the necessary wearing comfort.
Easily recognizable
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Minister Reul: "Those who keep order on the freeways do a tough job every day. And we have to make it as safe as possible."
On the road
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For the first time, the NRW police are using two different models as patrol cars. The Ford S-MAX and the Mercedes Vito will shape the streetscape in the coming years. Reason enough to take a close look at them on a test site.
Reul: "A larger vehicle is a safety plus. For the highway police, the patrol car is a work and protection area in one. Visibility brings safety.
Minister Reul: "This means that the SEK officers are optimally equipped in the event of terrorist attacks."
The police have been riding new BMW motorcycles since the end of 2015.
in the air
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With the AIRBUS H145, the state of NRW has the most modern police helicopter currently available on the world market. High-tech on board provides valuable support, especially at night.
High and fast - more and more crimes are being solved through the use of drones. Criminals on the run have little chance.
In the water
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With the "WSP 12", the NRW Water Police put a new patrol boat into operation in January 2020 for the first time in almost two decades. It is based in Duisburg. This is also where the Water Police Directorate is based. Head Björn Ekhoff sees the new acquisition as a signal for the further modernizati...
Jens Reuter from LAFP NRW is responsible, among other things, for the police divers who tested new underwater tools.
Just over a year ago, the NRW police introduced body-worn recording devices. The guard service has been equipped with bodycams across the board since June 2020. Police inspector Fabian zur Linden reports on initial experiences at the Altstadtwache police station in Düsseldorf.
Oliver Schnitzke, Maikel Stiefel and Andreas Nick - these are the developers of the new infrared cameras for the North Rhine-Westphalian police. The new devices make it easier to visualize traces of blood and gunshot residue at crime scenes.
The number of police employees in North Rhine-Westphalia has risen significantly to over 50,000. Many of the old police buildings are bursting at the seams and no longer meet the requirements of modern police work. The state has therefore provided a lot of money in recent years to improve the workin...
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